Basic & clinical science for the management of patients with chronic pain: intrathecal drug delivery

June 14th–15th,
2024 Barcelona, Spain

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This course is designed for pain practitioners (pain specialists, anesthesiologists, neurosurgeons) utilizing intrathecal drug delivery for pain management both in cancer and non cancer patients. Also interesting for those who treat severe spasticty.

Physicians attending the course should have at least 2 years of practice with ongoing use of neuromodulation techniques in the treatment of chronic pain and/or spasticity patients, and with basic knowledge of spinal analgesia using intrathecal drug delivery.


After participation in this educational meeting, participants should have an understanding of:

  1. Basic neuroanatomy related with the performance of intrathecal drug delivery
  2. Current imaging and neurophysiology relevant for performing diagnosis and performing the intrathecal drug delivery for pain & spasticity treatment
  3. Indentify questions that need to be addressed to increase knowledge of intrathecal techniques used in chronic pain treatment
  4. Current indications of Intrathecal drug delivery in chronic pain and recommendations for the evaluation and management of these pain conditions
  5. Evidence-Based recommendations and strategies in the patient screening and follow-up, in the managemet of intrathecal drug delivery analgesia
  6. Learning Case scenarios for the acquisition of critical assessment and management skills